P.R.A.F.I. srl


Founded in 1996 by a group of technicians with vast experience in the field of INDUSTRIAL FURNACES for metal heat treatment, today P.R.A.F.I. is one of the premier builders of heat treatment systems.

P.R.A.F.I. Company Profile

Our history

  1. 1996After the failure of HUMBERT (the oldest and most renowned Italian manufacturer of heat treatment systems) PRAFI Ltd. inherits all the know-how, including machinery and component inventory.
  2. 1997P.R.A.F.I. Ltd. moves to the logistics office located in AVIGLIANA where it has:
    • 2000 m² uncovered service area
    • 800 m² shed
    • 300 m² office space

    It is proceeding with:

    • Firming up its human resources composed of both technicians who had been part of HUMBERT over the last 25 years and those with 30 years of experience at FIAT, as well as focusing on young, new hires from metallurgy school;
    • Reorganizing the HUMBERT inventory, expanded by recent production activities;
    • Reclaiming HUMBERT warehouse stock such as spare parts, molds and models for new and old systems;
    • Equipping the shop floor with machinery, equipment and tools necessary for the construction, mounting and assembly of its products; moreover, all new systems will be pre-tested at this location, with the buyer’s welcome participation.
  3. Today P.R.A.F.I. is among the premier builders of installations for metal heat treatment, emsuring its customers a quality product that meets European standards while providing continuous and constructive care of systems operating in Italy and abroad.


With the appropriate combination of skilled human resources, P.R.A.F.I., which was founded by a group of experienced technicians in the field of industrial heat treatment of steels and light alloys, offers its services, offering optimum experience on system processes for:

  • Relaxation
  • Normalization
  • Re-firing
  • Blueprint
  • Isothermal healing
  • Decontamination
  • Fine-tuning
  • Carbonitriding
  • Nitration
  • Solubilizing and aging of aluminum alloys
  • Surface treatment of details in sintered alloys


P.R.A.F.I.’s commitment to customer service is constant and proactive, with a spirit of collaboration, starting from the conceptual phase of the project and continuing to long-term maintenance in all aspects of the following activities:

  • Design and installation.
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, both for prompt and programmed intervention.
  • Revision and implementation of automation systems.
  • Installation of process control systems.
  • Transformation, refurbishment and calibration of combustion plants.
  • Restructuring and / or refurbishment of thermal insulation in masonry and in ceramic fiber.
  • Transfer and general inspection of plants
  • Technology – metallurgical assistance on thermal treatment issues.


P.R.A.F.I. operates within an entirely systemic optic, developing and coordinating a group of specialists and complementary activities to ensure that our results fully meet the needs of our customers.

Operative Structure

The staff consists of 9 people, composed of:


We also collaborate with external engineering companies and consultants from the Turin Polytechnic University for stress analysis calculations and simulations with mathematical models.
The Technical Office operates with 5 complete CAD plotters for drawing and design; with 3 PCs for managing archives (technical notes, catalogues, standards, specifications and technical documentation in general).
P.R.A.F.I. uses its appropriately equipped specialized personnel for the implementation, installation and testing of the systems it supplies.

A world of customers

Worldwide Accomplishment – E.P. Humbert by P.R.A.F.I.

Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, U.S.A., Venezuela

Company Quality Plan

P.R.A.F.I. has always given particular importance to QUALITY, ensuring that business quality procedures are permanently operative and implemented by all its employees.

QUALITY is achieved through:

  • Developing projects with the support of calculation and analysis of critical points using CAD systems and mathematical models.
  • Developing a specific quality plan for each initiative, depending on its technical characteristics and based on the company’s business procedures and specific requests, all aimed at obtaining a product whose reliability is optimum.
  • Performing component, subsystem and final assembly testing.
  • Preparing related documentation.
  • Archiving and retention of documentation